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THEORY 1. Systematics, biology, pathology, host parasite relationships and control of parasitic Helminths with particular reference to Helminths of Medical and Veterinary importance. 2.Systematics, morphology and biology of Arthropods causing disease or those responsible for transmission of disease. Chemical and non-chemical control of Arthropods of Medical and Veterinary importance. PRACTICALS 1. Methods of collection, preservation and transportation of parasitic material. 2. Qualitative and quantitative faecal examination for helminth ova. 3. Collection, preservation and preparation of slides of local helminthes and their identification. 4. Identification of insects of medical and veterinary importance. BOOKS RECOMMENDED 1. Parasitology. The Biology of Animal Parasites. Noble and Noble, 1982. 5th edition.Lea and Febiger. 2. Medical parasitology.Beck, J.W. and Davies, J.E., 1981. 3rd edition. The C.V. Mosby Company, Toronto, London. 3. Medical Laboratory Manual for Tropical Medicine. Cheesbrough, M., 1987Vol.I. University Press Cambridge. 4. Introduction to Animal Parasitology. Smyth, J.D., 1994. Cambridge University Press. 5. Foundations of Parasitology. Roberts, L.S. and Janovy, J. Jr., 2005. 7th Edition. Wm Brown Publishers, Chicago, London, Tokyo, Toronto. 6. Veterinary Parasitology.Urquhart, G.M., Hucan, J.L., Dunn, A.M. and Jennings, F.W., 2000 Longman Scientific and Technical publications, Longman Group, U.K.

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Ascaris lumbricoides (nematode)

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Book Title : Introduction to Animal Parasitology.
Author : Smyth, J.D
Edition : 1994
Publisher : Cambridge University Press.

Title : Helminths, Nematodes
Type : Presentation

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