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THEORY 1. Control of microorganisms: Fundamentals of control, control by physical and chemical agents, antibiotics and other chemotherapeutic agents. Microorganisms and diseases: Host-microbe interactions. Resistance and immunity. Air, food and water-borne human infections. Human contact diseases. Infectious diseases of animals. Environmental microbiology: Fundamentals of microbial ecology. Microbiology of air. Aquatic microbiology. Soil microbiology. Microbiology of domestic water and sewage. Microbiology of food, milk and milk products. 2. Industrial Microbiology: Scope of industrial microbiology in food production, control of insects, human therapy, petroleum, mining and bioremediation. Biotechnology and its role in modern human comforts. PRACTICALS 1. Bacteriological examination of water. 2. Isolation and identification of coliform bacteria and enteric pathogens. 3. Isolation of pathogenic Staphylococci. 4. Normal throat flora and reaction on blood agar. 5. Enumeration and identification of microorganisms in urinary tract infections. 6. Isolation and identification of microorganisms from the diseased ear. 7. Inhibition and destruction of microorganisms by physical agents. 8. Action of disinfectants on bacteria. 9. Bacteriostatic action of certain dyes and drugs. 10. Bacterial sensitivity tests (some contemporary antibiotics). 11. Bacterial examination of food, raw milk. 12. Surveys of microorganisms’ activities based industries. BOOKS RECOMMENDED 1. Microbiology: A Human Perspective. Eugene, W. N., Denise, G., Anderson, M. T., Nester, C., Evans, R. and Nancy, N. , 2001. Mc Graw Hill Higher Education. 2. Microbiology Principles and Explorations. Jacquelyn, G.G. 2001. John Wiler & Sons Inc. 3. Microbiology, Pelczar Jr., Chan, E.C.S. and Krieg, M.R., 1986. Mc Graw Hill, London. 4. Microbial Applications: Lab Manual in General Microbiology.Benson, H.J. 1994. WMC Brown Publishers,England.

Course Learning Outcomes

The course may initiate their interest in agricultural, industrial and/or environmental microbiology

Major Water Borne Diseases

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Wastewater Microbiology

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Foodborne illnesses

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CDC in Action: Foodborne Outbreaks

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Food Microbiology: Processing and Poisoning

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Food Microbiology: An Overlooked Frontier

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Sewage Microbiology and Treatment

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Microbiology of milk: Testing of quality of milk and milk products

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Book Title : Essential Microbiology
Author : Stuart Hogg
Edition : 2005
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons Ltd

Book Title : Prescott’s Microbiology
Author : Joanne Willey and Linda Sherwood and Christopher J. Woolverton
Edition : 10th
Publisher : McGraw-Hill

Title : Bioremediation
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Title : Biotechnology and its Applications
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Title : Air-borne Diseases
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Title : Food-borne Diseases
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Title : Water-borne Diseases - P1
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Title : Milk Composition and Microbiology
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