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MID-TERM OVERVIEW OF SEMICONDUCTORS Introduction, Atomic Structure , Solid classification(Crystalline solids, Non-Crystalline solids),Unit cell, crystal lattice, Classification of Crystalline Solids(Simple Cubic, Body Centered , Cubic ,Face Centered cubic), Semiconductors, Conductors and Insulators ,Energy bands in Solids (valence and conduction band ), Energy Gaps ,Conduction in Semiconductors ,Types of Semiconductors (Intrinsic Semiconductors , Extrinsic Semiconductors ),P-Type and N-type Extrinsic semiconductors, Majority and minority carriers. TWO TERMINAL SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICES The PN Junction diode (Formation ,Depletion region, Barrier potential and Energy diagrams of PN Junction), Baising of diode , Characteristics of diode ,Diode Parameters , Diode Models (Ideal diode ,Practical diode), Diode Applications, Half-Wave Rectifiers , Full-Wave Rectifiers ,Full-Wave Bridge Rectifiers. HEAT AND THERMODYNAMICS Kinetic Theory of Ideal Gas , Equation of State of Gas , Pressure of Gas on the basis of Kinetic Theory of Gases ,Heat Capacities ,Relation between Heat capacities of Gas and Equation of State for Adiabatic Process . FINAL TERM PARTICLE PHYSICS AND COSMOLOGY Particle interactions, The Four Basic Forces, Unification of Forces , Family of Particles (Leptons, Mesons,Baryons ), The Big-Bang Cosmology, The Expansion of Universe , The Cosmic Microwave Background Radiations . WAVE MOTION Mechanical Waves , Travelling Waves , Sinusoidal Waves , Principal of Superimposition, Interference of Waves , Standing Waves (reflection of waves) and Standing Longitudinal Waves. RECOMMENDED BOOKS 1. Arthur Beiser, Concepts of Modern Physics (5th Edition) McGraw-Hill 1995. 2. Electronic Devices and Circuits by Millman and Halikias, McGraw-Hill Book Company. 3. Physics by Haliday Resnick Krane (5th edition) Vol-I & II. ADVANCED PHYSICS(LAB.) LIST OF EXPERIMENTS 1. To Study the Characteristics of a PN-Junction diode. 2. Setting up of half and full wave rectifier and study of following factors i. Regulation of output voltage with load ii. Ripple factor and its variation with load 3. To determine the frequency of A.C Supply by Melde’s experiment. 4. To measure the mechanical equivalent of heat by electrical method. 5. With the help of Sextant, determine i. Vertical distance between two points ii. Height of an inaccessible object.

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Book Title : Wave Motion.
Edition : Volume 444
Publisher : Cambridge University Press, 2001
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