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Forces and Dynamics Classical Mechanics Relativistic Mechanics Quantum Mechanics Heat and Thermodynamics

Course Synopsis

Forces and Dynamics Fundamentals of forces, Force laws, Frictional forces, conical pendulum, The rotot, The banked curve, Equation of motion, Variable forces, Time dependent forces. Classical Mechanics Frames of reference, Inertial frame of reference, Non-inertial frame of reference, Galilean transformation, Results and fundamental hypothesis of Galiliean transformation Relativistic Mechanics General theory of relativity, Special theory of relativity, postulates of speacial theory of relativity, Lorentz transformation and its consequences. Quantum Mechanics Photon, light as photon, Thermal radiations, Photoelectric effect, Compton effect, matter wave, De-Broglie's Hypothesis, G.P Thomson Experiment, Davison-German Experiment, Wave nature of single electron, wave and particle, Heisenberg's uncertainity principle, Energy-Time relationship. Heat and Thermodynamics Temperature and heat, Measurement scales of temperature, 1st & 2nd law of thermodynamics, Entropy

Course Learning Outcomes

Understanding of basic Physics, Basic Knowledge about physics, classical theory and concepts.

Fundamentals of Physics whole course with practicals

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Book Title : 1. Fundamentals of Physics Jearl Walker,Publication date
Author : David Halliday, Robert Resnick,
Edition : 2nd
Publisher : Jearl Walker

Book Title : Fundamentals of Physics
Author : Haliday and Resnick
Edition : fifth edition
Publisher : jearl walker
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Title : Light and Quantum Physics
Type : Reference Book

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Title : particle dynamics
Type : Reference Book

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Title : Wave nature of particle
Type : Reference Book

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Title : The special theory of relativity
Type : Reference Book

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Title : Heat and Thermodynamics
Type : Reference Book

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