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Society of Pakistan: Background and Characteristics, Social Institutions in Pakistan (Family, Education, Religion), Social stratification (Forms, Class, Caste,Baradari, Tribe), Pakistani Culture (Main Culture, Sub Culture, Unity in Diversity), Civilization and Archaeological Heritage (Harappa, Mohenjodaro), Festivals (National, Religious, Regional), National Language (Urdu a Lingua franca), Social Issues (Poverty, Unemployment, Crime, Status of Women)

Course Learning Outcomes

After studying this course, the students will be able to comprehend the basis of Pakistani society and culture.

punjabi culture

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causes of poverty in pakistan

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Book Title : The Culture and Society of Pakistan
Author : Masud-ul-Hassan Khan Sabr
Edition :
Publisher : Emporium Publishers

Book Title : The land and people of Pakistan
Author : Herbert Feldman
Edition :
Publisher :

Title : Indus valley civilization
Type : Other

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Title : ethnicity in Pakistan
Type : Other

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