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1: Recreation a: Introduction of recreational activities b: General importance and need of recreational activities & C: Utilization of educational institution as community recreational center. 2: Out door pursuits a: Hiking and Hill tracking, 3: Track & field a: Putting the shot 4 Human Organism a: Muscular system

Course Learning Outcomes

The main purpose of this course is to aware the students about benefits of physical education in their real life. By Learning this course they will be able to maintain their good health and educate to others. They may arrange recreational activities and sports activities. Students will also get knowledge about the first aid or human organism.

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Book Title : صحت اور جسمانی تعلیم
Author : پروفیسر حق نواز چودھری
Edition : BA 1
Publisher : پبلشر سلمان

Title : recreational activities
Type : Presentation

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Title : Need & importance of recreational activities
Type : Presentation

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Title : shot put
Type : Presentation

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Title : muscular system
Type : Presentation

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Title : hiking and hill tracking
Type : Presentation

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