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Course Contents

I. Location and Geopolitical importance of Pakistan II. The Land i. Physiography ii. Climate and climatic regions iii. Soil iv. Vegetation III. The people i. Population distribution and density ii. Growth, structure and composition iii. Population change iv. Rural urban distribution, and urbanization IV. Economy i. Agriculture and irrigation ii. Power and mineral resources iii. Industries, iv. Trade and tourism v. Transport and communication.

Course Synopsis

To enhance understanding of Physical, socio-economic and Cultural environment with special reference to Pakistan including land, population, resources and related human activities.

Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, the student will: • Understand the natural environment of Pakistan by identifying the physiographic and climatic zones. • Be familiar with social, economic and cultural aspects of Pakistan which will be helpful for analyzing the socioeconomic fabrication of country and its development.

Trade , Export and import

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Book Title : Environment of Pakistan
Author : Human Naz sethi
Edition : 2010
Publisher : Peak Publishing
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Book Title : Pakistan: Geography, Economy and People
Author : Khan. F. K.
Edition : fourth edition
Publisher : Slim Publishing House
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Book Title : A Geography of Pakistan
Author : K. U. Kureshy
Edition : 1st
Publisher : Oxford University Press
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Book Title : Pakistan
Author : Johnson B.L.C
Edition : 1st
Publisher : Heinemann
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Title : Trade
Type : Presentation

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