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Course Contents

• Advanced Product Modeling Techniques • Introduction to NURBS and Turbo Smooth • Use of essential Modifiers in Modeling • Use of Align, Array, Spacing Tools etc • Introduction to Organic Modeling • Introduction to Real Time and High Poly Models • Basics of Realistic Materials • UVW Mapping • Basics of Unwrapping • Use of Photoshop with 3DsMax • Basics of Texturing Techniques • Camera Setting in 3DsMax • Basics of Object Animation • Basics of Camera Animation • Basics of Realistic Lighting in 3DsMax • Rendering Output Formats and Techniques

Course Synopsis

The course is to train students to advanced level of 3D Graphics, helping them learn further tools and techniques to work at industry standards.

Course Learning Outcomes

Students will develop skills on 3D Visualization for real world Products, Architecture, Interiors, along with creating 3D Assets for Real Time environments (such as Games, Simulations) and Rendered Imagery for various industry requirements.

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