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Course Contents

• Examine developmental methodologies in design planning • Investigate design precedents and analyze their effectiveness in terms of product and process, human factors, and the role of aesthetics in the digital • Explore the relationship of research to practice • Develop models and morphologies to construct and describe the design process • To create design research prototypes and assess their effectiveness, exercise analytical skills in the review of data provided by the prototype testing, develop new procedural methods to produce effective design and produce knowledge about specific prototyped projects • Design Final Thesis Project (Exhibition and Jury).

Course Synopsis

This course will provide experience in planning and conducting research. Emphasis will be placed on preliminary research including applied, and analytical aspects of design projects and processes. Students will examine how humans navigate the visual design environment and how design factors can enhance communication. Design prototyping, testing, and analysis is included. Students will develop design research prototypes and evaluate the effectiveness of thesis designed projects using appropriate research strategies. Basic studio methods and new techniques will be practiced in final thesis project.

Course Learning Outcomes

The studio focuses on complex design challenges, professional-level assignments, and design projects with multiple components. Students are encouraged to be entrepreneurial as they conduct research and develop innovative solutions for appropriate economic constituencies, users, and audiences. Each student refines her voice, style, and agenda while creating a thesis project. Professional presentations of design ideas and solutions for critique and discussion are central to this course. Project formats and media are open-ended.

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