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Course Contents

• Industrial Revolution and new technology changed visual communication • Famous Poster Artist • Henri. T Lautrec • Jules Cheret • Cappilleo • Arts & Crafts movement and its heritage • Identify the Art Nouveau period and its importance in advertising • Identify Graphic Design in the first half of the twentieth century. • Analyze the influence of Modern Art and pictorial modernism • Define the Bauhaus and the New Typography movement • Advertising History of any famous product/brand

Course Synopsis

Core themes of the History of Design course will include the historicism and modernity; internationalist and nationalist tendencies; handicraft and industrial processes, as well as the analysis of critical debates about the makers and audiences of decoration in advice literature and aesthetic writing.

Course Learning Outcomes

The course objective is to provide students with a framework of interpretative skills useful to understanding design. It provides grounding in the analysis of the techniques and materials deployed in creating objects or sites. It enables students to develop a grasp of historical context, encompassing the impact of the hierarchies within, and audiences for, the critical reception of 'decoration'. It encourages the analysis of the historiography of political and aesthetic debates articulated by designers, critics and historians about design, its forms and purposes. Teaching and learning takes a variety of forms in this course. In keeping with the, individual tutorials and supervisions will be an important of the course, particularly whilst researching the dissertation, whilst earlier stages of the course principally take the form of seminar group discussion, lectures and independent study. First-hand visual analysis is an essential component of the discipline of the history of design.

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Book Title : The Poster: Art, Advertising, Design, and Collecting, 1860sÐ1900s
Author : Ruth E. Iskin
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Book Title : Paul Rand: Conversations with Students
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Book Title : History of Modern Design: Graphics and Products Since the Industrial Revolution
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Book Title : Graphic Icons: Visionaries Who Shaped Modern Graphic Design
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Book Title : Bauhaus 1919-1933
Author : Magdalena Droste, Bauhaus-Archiv
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