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Course Contents

• Quick sketching. Drawing from model. • Draw – front, back, side views of model. Draw corresponding views of skeleton. • Draw three views of the head and corresponding views from the skull. • Sitting figure drawing with pencil. • Shading exercises using conte crayon and charcoal. • Drawing using mass lines to give the illusion of form through linear shading, cross-hatching. • Exploring pen and wash techniques on watercolor-paper. • Studies of the hand. (Pencil, Charcoal stick, pen) • Studies of the foot. (Pencil, Charcoal stick, pen) • Drawing using continuous tone and drawing using shading stump and powdered charcoal. • Standing pose using powdered graphite and pencil on quality drawing paper. • Detailed drawing of the head in colored pen and pencils. • Drawing on the newspaper with black pen or marker. • Drawing using mixed materials. • Student’s choice of poses and materials. • Students will have to maintain a sketchbook as per teacher’s instructions.

Course Synopsis

Detailed study of the human form , Architecture, Nature et. Emphasis on rendering, mood, expression, and skeletal and muscular structure. The aim of Drawing is to provide each student with specific drawing media experiences and to build basic perceptual skills.

Course Learning Outcomes

This course is directed towards giving the student a structured approach to drawing the human figure, Landscape, Still Life and Architecture which will serve as a foundation for her personal interpretive approach.

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