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Course Contents

1. Introduction • Definition and Scope • Development of Hydro-geography • Muslim’s Contribution 2. Hydrological Cycle and Water Balance • Water Reservoirs • Hydrological Cycle • Water Balance 3. Precipitation and Rainfall • Forms of Precipitation • Rainfall Data and its measurement • Evaporation and Transportation • Synoptic Meteorology of Rain • Space time Characteristic of Rainfall • Statistical Analysis and Cartographic Representation of Rainfall Data • Geographical Distribution of Rainfall 4. Runoff • Factor affecting the Runoff • Runoff Cycle and Phases of Runoff • Measurement of Runoff 5. Ground Water • Occurrence Origin and Discharge of Ground Water • Ground Water Reservoirs • Water Table Water Logging and Salinity • Porosity and Permeability and Transmission • Ground Water Movement 6. Floods • Causes and Seasonal Distribution of Floods • Flood Protection and Planning • Geographical Distribution of Floods 7. Glacial Water • Glacial Nourishment and Wattage • Glacial Runoff • Glacial Flow • Response of Glacier to Climatic Changes 8. Droughts • Extent and Distribution of Droughts • Drought Severity, Frequency and Duration • Hydrological Relations in Droughts 9. Lakes • Origin and Diversity • Hydrological Cycle and Water Balance Lakes • Geographical Distribution 10. Water Pollution • Classification of Water Pollutants • Extent and Distribution of Water Pollutants • Effects of Water Pollution on Fauna and Flora 11. Quantitative Hydro Geography • Basic Concepts • Areal Aspects Of Drainage Basin 12. GIS and RS application • RS based Hydrological Data acquisition • GIS based Hydrological Mapping

Course Synopsis

he hydro-geography deals specifically with: the water balance the spatial and temporal changes of water storage and the flow behavior with regard to the quantitative aspects, as well as the water quality in terms of qualitative aspects.

Course Learning Outcomes

The students would be able to conduct conducive research on hydrological issues.

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Title : Introduction to Hydrogeography
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