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Course Contents

1)Introduction to Statistical Physics 2) Maxwell Boltzmann Statistics 3) Bose Einstein Statistics 4) Fermi Dirac Statistics 5) Thermodynamics of Statistical Physics 6) Ensembles

Course Synopsis

Scope of Statistical physics, system, assembly and its types, phase space, Maxwell Boltzmann distribution, undetermined multipliers alpa and beta, Bose Einstein distribution, applications of Bose Einstein distribution, Fermi Dirac distribution, applications of Fermi Dirac statistics, concept of temp Entropy and energy in statistical physics, thermodynamics of gases, diatomic molecule, ensemble and its types.

Course Learning Outcomes

After the complition of this course students are able to understand and do problem solving in Statistical physics and apply this in their furthur studies.

Partition Function in canonical Ensemble

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Stirling’s approximation

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Canonical Ensamble

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Thermodynamics of Gases

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Book Title : An Introduction to Statistical physics
Author : A.J Pointon
Edition : First edition
Publisher : Longmans
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