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Course Contents

1. Public opinion: Different classes, which form public opinion. How it is measured and channels of public opinion. 2. Elections and Representation since 1947 1. Issues and Changing patterns 2. Separate Vs Joint electorate 3. Proportional Representation 4. Restricted and Adult Franchise 5. Direct and Indirect Elections 6. Elections with or without Political Parties 7. The Election Commission 8. Election Malpractices

Course Synopsis

Elections are instrumental in ensuring democratization process of a country. Public opinion stands as the backbone of political process in a country, while elections are mostly the reflection of ongoing trends of public opinion in a country.The course focuses on historical account,electoral data and its critical appreciation and interpretation with regard to Pakistan.

Course Learning Outcomes

. After the study of this course, the students will be able to understand the 1. Dynamics of public opinion 2. Its relevance with electoral process 3. Theoretical and conceptual framework of electrical process 4. The role of election commission of Pakistan 5. Electoral malpractices and its implications

agencies of Public opinion

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formal and informal methods of measuring Public Opinion

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Election definition,history and functions

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direct and indirect elections

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separate and joint electorate

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advantages and disadvantages of proprtional representation

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methods of proportional Represesentation

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electoral malpractices

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Book Title : Elections in Pakistan
Author : Muhammad Waseem
Edition : 1994
Publisher : Vanguard Publishers

Book Title : The Dynamics of Electoral Politics in Pakistan
Author : Ahsan ur Rahim
Edition : 2018
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Book Title : Elections in Pakistan: Democracy under Dictatorship
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Publisher : Centre for Indian political research and analysis

Book Title : Elections and Political Development: The South Asian Experience
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Book Title : Pakistan at the Crossroads:Domestic Dynamics and External Pressures
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Book Title : Pakistan,Party Politics,Pressure Groups and Minorities
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Title : general elections of Pakistan
Type : Other

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Title : election introduction
Type : Other

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Title : election comission of pakistan
Type : Other

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Title : 2018 elections
Type : Other

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Title : electoral malpractices
Type : Other

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