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Course Contents

Nomenclature, physical, chemical properties and synthesis of 3,4,5, 6-member Nitrogen, Oxygen and Sulphur containing rings

Course Synopsis

To learn IUPAC naming of heterocycles having N,O and S (3, 4, 5, 6 rings and bicyclo heterocycles) To learn how physical properties effect the structure stability and reactivity To know synthetic methods and chemical reactions of each class of above stated heterocycles

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the term students will be able to name heterocycles They will be able to compare the physical properties and predict reactivity among the three heterocycles To prepare different heterocycles with the help of customary and contemporary methods

semester 8 (5, 6 member heterocycles)

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Book Title : Heterocyclic Chemistry
Author : Raj K Bansal
Edition : 4th
Publisher : New Age International Ltd

Title : 5,6 member Heterocycles Synthesis
Type : Other

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