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• Homogenization, centrifugation, ultra centrifugation Basic principles. Preparative ultracentrifugation – differential centrifugation and density gradient centrifugation. Analytical centrifugation • Chromotographic techniques Paper, TLC, and column chromatography, HPLC, GCMS General principles of partition and adsorption • Mass spectrometry Ionization pattern • Lyophilization Introduction, Basic Technique and applications • Electrophoresis Basic principle, instrumentation and applications • Atomic absorption spectrophotometery Basic principle, instrumentation and applications • UV / visible spectrophotometry Basic principle, Laws of absorption and absorption spectrum. Primary Bioassay screening • Toxicity Assays Brine–shrimp lethality assay Brine–Shrimp microwell cytotoxicity assay Potato tumor inhibition assay • Antibacterial Assay Agar diffusion assay Agar dilution assay Direct bioautography method • Antifungal Assay Agar tube dilution assay Direct bioautography method • Anticancer Assay • Hypoglycemic/Antidiabetic activity assay • Anthelmintic activity assays Practical • Preparation of sample for mineral analysis by ashing method. • Wet digestion procedure of sample preparation for mineral analysis. • Mineral analysis of plant tissues using atomic absorption spectrophotometer. • Separation of Biomolecules by chromatography • Identification of plant metabolites by UV/VIS spectrophotometer. • TLC of plant sample and optimization of solvent system • HPLC analysis of plant samples • Designing of different bioassay techniques mentioned in Syllabus

Course Synopsis

This course provides the information of principles & mechanism of different equipments and analysis of Biochemical and Biological samples.

Course Learning Outcomes

The students will able to • Understand the basic principles, instrumentation, requirements, sample preparation and interpretation of results obtained from instruments involved in study of bio-chemicals. • Practically apply the instruments in their research of plant sciences • Comprehend the different bio-assays to estimate the biological activities of bio-chemicals

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