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Course Contents

1.Surat ul Ara'af 2.Surat ul Anfal 3.Surat Toba

Course Synopsis

The objective of this course is to spread awareness of Islamic teachings into students and also increase their learning skills so that they could easily understand Quranic Verses and its explanation also make them able to live their life according to Quranic code of life It is also aimed to make students able to learn Islamic History and Important events of it (like Ghazwaat Ghazwa-e-Badar, Ghazwa-e-Hunain and Tabook) The aim of this course is to go through with different and Interesting Islamic Stories from Quran e Kareem (like Qissa Adam-o-Iblees, Qoum-e-A'ad, Qoum-e-Samood, Qoum-e-Nooh A.S, Qoum-e-Loot, Qoum-e-Shuaib A.S and Qoum-e-Mosa A.S

Course Learning Outcomes

The outcome of this course is that students would be able to learn Translation of Quran e Kareem easily One more outcome is prospective study of Major and important Surat of Quran e Kareem Also Students would be able to learn the major events of Islamic History Moroever, Students would be motivated after learning the interesting history from Quran e Kareem

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Surah Anfal Surah Toba and Surah Anfal complete tafseer

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Book Title : معارف القران
Author : مفتی محمد شفیع عثمانی رحمہ اللہ
Edition : Various
Publisher : مکتبۃ المعارف
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Book Title : اکرم التفاسیر
Author : مولاناامیر محمد اکرم اعوان رحمہ اللہ
Edition : Various
Publisher : دارالعرفان منارہ ضلع چکوال
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Book Title : تبیان القران
Author : مولانا غلام رسول سعیدی رحمہ اللہ
Edition : Various
Publisher : فرید بک سٹال
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