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 Executive  Political Executive according to the Constitution of 1973: Structure and Functions  Legislature  Structure and functions of the legislature of Pakistan according to the Constitution of 1973  Judiciary  The structure and Functions of the Judiciary according to the Constitution of 1973  Constitutional amendment in the 1973 Constitution

Course Learning Outcomes

After studying the course the students will be able to comprehend the working of the different organs of government in Pakistan They also known the jurisdictions of these institutions and how there are interlinked to run the governmental affairs

structure and functions of different organs of the govt. according to constitution 1973

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Book Title : The Political System of Pakistan
Author : Khalid B. Sayeed
Edition : 1967
Publisher : Houghton Mifflin, 1967

Book Title : Constitutional and Political History of Pakistan
Author : Hamid Khan
Edition : 2nd Edition 2009
Publisher : Oxford University Press

Book Title : Government and Politics in Pakistan
Author : Mushtaq Ahmad
Edition : Second Edition, Digitized 15 May 2007
Publisher : Pakistan Publishing House, 1963,the University of California

Title : list of amendments in 1973 Constitution
Type : Other

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