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Course Contents

 State Foundation and Nation Building  Act of Independence 1947 and Establishment of Pakistan  Political Challenges to new state and Leadership’s Response  The constitution making 1947 – 1956.  The role of first constituent assembly 1947-1954.  Constitutional crisis and issues  The Second constituent assembly: Formation and Working  Formation of One Unit  The 1956 constitution: Main features  Working of Parliamentary Democracy; An assessment  The Ayub Era (1958-1969)  The imposition of Martial Law  System of Basic Democracies and Reforms  The 1962 constitution  Salient Features; With Special reference to The Presidential Powers  Politics in Pakistan  The Yahya Regime (1969-1971)  The imposition of Martial Law and Political Situation  LFO and Election of 1970  The East Pakistan Crisis and Secession

Course Learning Outcomes

Students will be enable to: • Explain the term political development. • Explain how the government of Pakistan is structured. • The function of each organ of the government • Identities the issues with respect to the structure and function of the political institutions • Suggest ways to improve the structure and functions of the political institution in Pakistan.

Pakistan a modern history pdf book

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Book Title : Constitutional and Political History of Pakistan
Author : Hamid Khan
Edition : 2nd
Publisher : Oxford University press

Book Title : pakistan A modern History
Author : Ian Talbot
Edition : 2nd
Publisher : Oxford University press

Book Title : Politics and State in Pakistan
Author : Muhmmad Waseem
Edition : 1st
Publisher : National Institute of Historical and Cultural Research Centre of Excellence Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad

Book Title : Constitutional Foundations of Pakistan
Author : Safdar Mehmood
Edition : 1st
Publisher : sangameel

Book Title : Pakistan in 20th Century
Author : Lawrence Ziring
Edition : 1st
Publisher : Oxford University press

Book Title : Constitutional Development in Pakistan
Author : G.W Chaudhary
Edition : 1st
Publisher : Royal Book Company

Title : 1956 Constitution
Type : Reference Book

View 1956 Constitution

Title : Constitution 1962
Type : Reference Book

View Constitution 1962

Title : assembly proceedings and the text of objective resolution
Type : Other

View assembly proceedings and the text of objective resolution