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Course Contents

Tanqeed da taruf Tanqeed ty tahqeeq da apsi rishta Tanqeed ty nafsiyat Niqad da taruf ty fraiz/khoobiyan Tanqeedi dabistan "Jhatiyan wich nafsiyati ,imrani,ty markasi tanqeed dy asraat Rang sang da tahqeeqi asloob Rang sang di jadeed tanqeed ty adab wich muqam

Course Synopsis

Detail study of criticism meaning defination in different dictionaries and writers views Detail study of criticism types(nazri ty amli) Detail intro about creativity and criticism and their realation Detail intro of psychology and how we can create it likage with criticism Different obligations of a critic in different way Detail study and critical analysis of shareef kunjahi's book jhatiyan according psychology ,sociology,marxist criticism Detail study of aslam rana's book rang sang and its looper in punjabi criticism

Course Learning Outcomes

Punjabi adab wich tanqeed di ahmiyat Tanqeed baray jankari Tanqeed phycology ty creativity baray ilm Punjabi tanqeedi adab wich likhyan gaeiyan kitaban rang sang ty jhatiyan da critical analysis Punjabi adab wich nazri ty amli tanqeed di implementation

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