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Course Contents

Reactive Intermediates (Carbene, Niterene), (Arynes, Free radicals), Structure, Generation, and Reactions. Benzyne and its reactions. Free radicals. Free radicals reactions like substitution, addition. Free radicals reactions like substitution, addition, rearrangements, autoxidations. Free radicals in living systems. Molecular Rearrangements involving migration to electron-deficient center. Anionotropic, Catinotropic Rearrangements. Pinacol-Pinacolone Rearrangement. Allylic Rearrangement. Neopentyl Rearrangement. Stereo-chemistry of Rearrangement Reaction. Hofmann Rearrangement. Lossen Rearrangement. Hydroperoxide Rearrangement.Benzil Benzilic acid Rearrangement. Dienone Rearrangement,Schmidt Rearrangement. Curtius Favorskii Rearrangement.Steven,rearrangement,Beckmann Rearrangement,Wolff Rearrangement.Baeyer-Villiger Rearrangement.

Course Synopsis

To learn the involvement of reactive intermediates and understand their structure and reactivity through various organic reactions Emphasis has been made on examples involving skeletal rearrangements that are practically used in day-to-day organic synthesis

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, the students should be able to understand the structure-reactivity pattern of reactive intermediates involved in organic reactions. should be able to understand how can they change the connectivity of an existing organic backbone by using reactions that result in skeletal rearrangements. students should be familiar with ring expansion and contraction by rearrangement and controlling rearrangements. understand the mechanism for the Insertion of O, N, or C next to a ketone.

intermediated and molecular rearrangements

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molecular rearrangements

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molecular rearrangement

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molecular rearrangement

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Book Title : Advanced Organic Chemistry
Author : March, J
Edition : 4th edition,1992
Publisher : John Wiley and Sons, New York.
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Book Title : A Guidebook to Mechanism In Organic Chemistry
Author : Peter Sykes
Edition : 6th Edition ,2007
Publisher : Dorling Kindersley Pvt.Ltd,Pearson Education

Book Title : organic name reactions and molecular rearrangements
Author : Gurdeep Raj
Edition : 3rd edition,2017
Publisher : Krishna Prakashan Media(P) Ltd.Meerut

Title : Beckmann rearrangement
Type : Reference Book

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Title : molecular rearrangement
Type : Reference Book

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