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1. Genetics: classical genetics, molecular genetics, population genetics; classical genetics 2. Multiple alleles, genetics of blood groups, 3. Chromosomal basis of inheritance, interaction of genes, chromosomal changes (euploidy, aneuploidy, structural changes), 4. Sex- determination and sex-linkage, linkage, 5. Recombination and chromosome mapping in eukaryotes, 6. Quantitative inheritance. gene concept (classical and modern), 7. Genetics of viruses, bacteria, transposons, molecular genetic analysis, 8. Techniques of molecular genetics (elements of genetic engineering), genetic basis of cancer, genetic control of animal development, the genetic control of the vertebrate immune system, complex inheritance patterns. 9. Population genetics – Hardy-Wienberg equilibrium, systematic and dispersive pressures, inbreeding and heterosis. BOOKS RECOMMENDED 1. Principles of Genetics. Snustad, D.P. and Simmons, M.J. 2003. 3 Ed. Johan Wiley and Sons Inc. New York, USA. 2. Gene-VIII . Lewin, B. 2000. Oxford University Press. UK. 3. Principles of Genetics. Tamarin, R.H. 5th Edition, WCB publishers USA. 4. Principles of Genetics. Gardener, E.J., Simmons, M.J. and Snustad, D.P. 1991. John Wiley and Sons Inc. New York, USA. 5. Genetics. Strickberger, M.W. 1985. McMillan, N.Y. USA.

Course Synopsis

Genetics course to BS students will be taught by using: 1. Powerpoint presentations. 2.Links. 3. Reference books Topics for assignments will be given and will be evaluated by presentations.

Course Learning Outcomes

The continuity of the life from one generation to other generation is based on the mechanisms involving nucleus, chromosomes and genes etc. The process of continuity not only transfers the traits of the parents but also imparts variations that render the generations sustainable in changing environment. These concepts will be imparted to the students in this course.

branches of genetics

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multiple alleles

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basis of inheritance

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interaction of genes

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chromosome mapping

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genetics of viruses

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genetic basis of cancer

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inheritance patterns

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genetic control of animal development

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Book Title : Genetics
Author : Benjamin A.Pierce
Edition : fourth
Publisher : W.H Freeman and company New York

Book Title : Principles of Genetics.
Author : Snustad, D.P. and Simmons, M.J.
Edition : third
Publisher : Johan Wiley and Sons Inc. New York, USA.

Title : sex determination and sex linakge
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Title : concept of gene
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Title : molecular genetic analysis
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Title : transposable elements
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Title : hybrid vigour
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Title : Gel electrophoresis
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Title : types of PCR
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Title : p.Genetics
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