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Course Contents

• What is Policy and types of Policy? 1. Personal Policy 2. Family and group policy 3. Organizational policy 4. Community policy 5. Social Policy • Actors in Social Policy/Vertical and horizontal dimensions of policy 1. Ideologies (Political and Economic) 2. Authorized decision-maker 3. Individual Citizens/Entrepreneurs 4. Interest Groups 5. Social Movements and Mobilization 6. Political Parties 7. Think Tank and other Research Organizations 8. Communication Media 9. Sub-governments 10. International Participants • Aims/Objectives of Social Policy • Hindrances/Limitations to achieve Social Policy Objectives 1. Social hindrances (Equality/Equity Issues) 2. Economic hindrances (Minimum Standard Issues) 3. Legislative hindrances (Mandatory, Advisory, Suggestive) 4. Political hindrances (Ideology, Elections etc.,) • Socio-Economic Factors/Determinants of Social Policy 1. Economic Factors 2. Cultural Factors 3. Political Factors 4. Social Structures (Family System etc.,) 5. The International Influences/Consultants • Social Policy Ideologies Residual Vs Institutional Perspective • Formulation of Social Policy (Policy process) 1. Definition of the Problem 2. Policy Objectives and Options 3. Policy Implementation 4. Policy Evaluation and Maintenance/ Policy Analysis • Components/contents of Social Policy (Sectors, Issues etc.,) 1. Social Security a) Contributory Benefits/Insurance based b) Non-contributory/Non Means tested Benefits c) Means Tested Benefits 2. Health 3. Education 4. Personal Social Services 5. Housing 6. Employment 7. Labour 8. Youth 9. Women 10. Disabled 11. Social Welfare 12. Population 13. Environment • Social Planning 1. Plan and types of Plan 2. Planning 3. Social Planning 4. Social Welfare Planning in Pakistan 5. Tools of planning in Pakistan (Planning Commission Forms) • Types of Planning Process 1. Centralized or Top-Down Planning 2. De-Centralized or Bottom-Up Planning

Course Synopsis

This course is about the social policy and planning process in the government departments, social service organizations and specifically in the social welfare departments. The course consists on explaining the key features of Welfare State and how the professional social workers can play a significant role in making governmental social policies. Students will also study the key social policies of developed and developing countries in the field of Education, Health, Employment, Housing, Social Security etc. Aims of this course is to enable the students to learn planning concepts, process of policy formulation and its importance in the social work practice. This course also aims to equip the students about understanding and analyzing the national social policies.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course students will: 2. Develop a critical appreciation of key issues in the field of social policy and planning. 3. Be able to understand and evaluate the five year plans and policies of Pakistan. 4. Come out with improved communication, team work, presentation and study skills.

What is Policy ?

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Social Policy: definition & related concepts

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Actors in Social Policy

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Hindrances/Limitations to achieve Social Policy Objectives

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Hindrances/Limitations to achieve Social Policy Objectives

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Title : Objectives of Social Policy
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Title : Actors in Social Policy
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Title : Determinants of Social Policy
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Title : Social Policy Ideologies
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