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Course Contents

1. Definition and Concept of Social Action. 2. Importance of Social Action in Social Work Practice 3. Elements of Social Action 4. Principles of Social Action 5. Steps/Phases in Social Action Process  Awareness of the problems and conditions  Development of the suitable organization  Formulating and projecting the goals and the strategies  Joint Action  Presentation of the proposal to the Authority for Implementation 6. Types of Social Action  Legislative Social Action Model  Sanction Social Action Model  Concentization Model  Public Interest Litigation Model 7. Methods of Social Action  Non-cooperative Method  Demonstration Method  Intervention Method  Hunting Method 8. Models of Social Action  Elitist Social Action Model  Popular Social Action 9. Instruments of Social Action  Signature Campaign Definition Examples  Propaganda Definition Tools of Propaganda  Volunteerism Motivations behind Volunteerism Volunteerism, Community and Social Action  Mobilization Definition Tools of Mobilization • Participatory Rural Appraisal • Participatory Learning and Action  Bargaining Definition Techniques  Advocacy Definition Types of Advocacy Principles of Advocacy  Lobbying Definition Types of Lobbying Lobbying Process  Blogging Definition Types of Blog  Pressure Group  Persuasion 10. Legislation and Social Action 11. Modern Trends and Current Issues in Social Action  Environmentalism  Human Rights  Social Justice  Sectarianism  Racialism  Ethnicity

Course Synopsis

The course has been designed to highlight the importance and history of social action. The course brings information about the strategies and methodology of social action. The course is designed to understand the importance of social action in bringing stability, empowerment and promotion of social development in the society. The course aims to promote the professional approach among the students of social work.

Course Learning Outcomes

After the completion of this course students will be able to identify the various forms of oppression, including racism, injustice, ethnocentric attitude and violation of human rights. Further, students will gain the knowledge of strategies that can be employed to fight oppression. The students will be able to make a plan for intervention designed to change the condition by participatory collective actions.

Instruments of Social Action

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Instruments of Social Action

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Book Title : Social Action
Author : Raazia Hassan Nazvi, M. Ibrar, Andy Thorton
Edition : First
Publisher : Punjab University Press

Book Title : Community Organization & Social Action
Author : T.M. Suresh
Edition :
Publisher : PSGCAS
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