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Course Contents

Definition of Society, Characteristics of Pakistani Society, Social Stratification, Cast, Class and Ethnicity, Social Institutions in Pakistan (Family, Religion, Economy, Politics, Education, Recreational), Historical Perspective of Pakistani Culture Provincial Culture, Culture of Punjab, Culture of Sindh, Culture of KPK, Culture of Balochistan, Culture of Kashmir and Northern Areas, Urban and Rural Division of Pakistan, Rural Society, Urban Society, Major Occupation, and Production Activities, Rural Power Structure, Educational Dynamics, Illiteracy, Literacy, Universal Primary Education Concept, Schools; Technical and Higher Education, Status of Formal and Informal Education, Minority, and Their Belief, Major Social Problems,

Course Synopsis

The course aims to make students learn about the nature and structure of Pakistani society. It aims to impart knowledge about national culture and sub-cultures of Pakistan. The course will develop understanding about the integrated function of various social institutions in the country

Course Learning Outcomes

• Demonstrate an understanding of key concepts of society and how the early societies develop • To learn an in-depth overview of the depiction of real Pakistani society, its culture and rituals and how it is different from other societies in the world • To have knowledge about real problems of Pakistani society

Minority and Their Belief

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major social problems of pakistan 2019

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Major social problems of Pakistan

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literacy (education dynamics)

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illiteracy (education dynamics)

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Status of Formal and Informal Education in Pakistan

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Book Title : the politics of common sense: state, society and culture of Pakistan
Author : Aasim Sajjad Akhtar
Edition : 2018
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
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Title : Literacy in Pakistan
Type : Other

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Title : Illiteracy in Pakistan
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Title : Technical and Higher Education
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Title : Universal Primary Education
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