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Course Contents

Definition of Religion, Elements of Religion, Functions of Religion, Theories of Religion, Sociological, Psycho-Analytical, The Sociological Analysis of Religion, Universal order of Religion, , Religion and Welfare, Integrated Power of Religion, World’s Major Religions (Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Secularism/ Communism, Types of Religious Authorities, The Prophet, Clergy/ Organization of religious groups, The saints/ Molvies/ Ulema’s, Sects and Cults, Religion as the agency of social control, Evolutionary Theory, Science and Religion

Course Synopsis

The course is designed in a way to strike a balance between covering classical sociological theories of religious organization and practice with exploring contemporary topics, debates, and studies. There are three main objectives of the course: introduce the classical texts and familiarize the students with the major sociological approaches to the study of religion, carefully lay out the theoretical framework developed in each, and connect these to recent debates in the sociology of religion today.

Course Learning Outcomes

• Demonstrate an understanding of key debates and the range of sociological approaches to religion • Critically apply key concepts to contemporary debates about the role of religion in the contemporary global world. • Effectively communicate understandings of key concepts in written forms by employing analytical skills.

theories of evolution of religion

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science and religion

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Book Title : The oxford handbook of the sociology of religion
Author : Peter B. Clarke
Edition : 2011
Publisher : Oxford
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Book Title : Handbook of the Sociology of Religion
Author : Michele Dillon
Edition : 2003
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
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Book Title : Introduction to Sociology
Author : John J. Macionis
Edition : 14th
Publisher : Pearson

Title : The Oxford Handbook of Sociology of religion
Type : Reference Book

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Title : The handbook of Sociology of Religion
Type : Reference Book

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