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Introduction to SPSS: Use of data Editor; Compute command and some other basic concepts of SPSS, e.g. , Data Manipulation in SPSS; options under ‘Data’ and ‘Transform’ menu, different functions etc. Missing Values. Correlation: Simple, Multiple, Partial. Regression : Linear (simple and multiple with different model selection methods), Curve Estimation. Testing: t-distribution (one sample, 2-sample etc), Chi-square (cross tabs in Descriptive Statistics), F-distribution. Time series: difference, seasonal differences, central moving averages, others. ANOVA and Experimental Design: One way, two way and above. All the probability distributions with PDF (only in ver-11 and above), CDF and IDF. Some idea about SPSS Procedures. Random numbers (Distribution) Graphs options like Scatter, Histogram and other simple charts. Introduction to Minitab, data manipulation in Minitab, graphical representation in Minitab, qualitatively and quantitatively data presentation, analyzing data in minitab. Analyze the real data with the help of SPSS and present the work in the form of report.

Course Synopsis

To familiarize students with different commands of SPSS and MINITAB and to produce the ability to analyze real data using both statistical software and give interpretation of the results.

Course Learning Outcomes

Student will be able to utilize the SPSS and MINITAB statistical software to handle data analysis. This will enable them to analyze data during their research and interpret their results in a better manner.

Minitab Tutorial for Non Parametric Tests

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Non Parametric Tests by STATISTICS LCWU

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Non parametric, Binomial test (SPSS) by STATISTICS LCWU

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1 Sample Sign Test using SPSS and MINITAB by STATISTICS LCWU

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2 Sample Sign Test usin SPSS and MINITAB by STATISTICS LCWU

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One-way non-parametric ANOVA (Kruskal-Wallis test) in SPSS by Oxford Academic (Oxford University Press)

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Normality test using SPSS: How to check whether data are normally distributed by Kent Löfgren

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Book Title : A Handbook of Statistical Analyses using SPSS
Author : Sabine Landau and Brian S. Everitt
Edition : 2004 ed.
Publisher : CHAPMAN & HALL/CRC
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Book Title : Using SPSS to Understand Research and Data Analysis
Author : Daniel Arkkelin
Edition : 2014
Publisher :
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Book Title : Introduction to Statistics & Data Analysis
Author : Roxy Peck, Chris Olsen & Jay Devore
Edition : Fifth Edition
Publisher : Cengage learning
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Book Title : MINITAB User’s Guide 2: Data Analysis and Quality Tools
Author : Minitab guide
Edition : Year 2000 ed.
Publisher : Minitab Inc.
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