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Course Contents

I) Thomas Hobbes  As a social Contractualist  Leviathan  Concept of Human Nature  Concept of state Nature  Social Contract  Concept of Absolute Sovereignty II) John Locke  Two treaties on Civil Government  Concept of Human Nature  State of Nature  Social Contract  Nature Rights and Rights to property  Sovereignty III) Rousseau  Concept of Human Nature and State Nature  General Will  Social Contract  Popular Sovereignty  Liberty and Individual Rights IV) Jeremy Bentham  Utilitarianism  Theory of State V) J.S. Mill  Liberty  Representative Government VI) Hegel  As Idealist Thinker  Theory of State  Dialectic Idealism VII) Karl Marx  Dialectic Materialism  Materialistic Interpretation of History  Surplus Value  Class Conflict and Revolution  Theory of Communism

Course Synopsis

Course description: This course is designed to provide a sound grounding in the understanding of western political thought with a focus on the political thought of most representative thinkers of the major political movement. It also inculcates the understanding of major trends in political thoughts in regard to political ideologies of different political cultures.

Course Learning Outcomes

By studying this course students would learn the analytical skills which would help them to observe the certain phenomenon in society and to generalize their observations and experiments and to acquaint the students with the knowledge to create awareness regarding basic concepts of western political thoughts of various thinkers.

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