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Note: First Three Topics will be discussed in first four weeks of current semester. 1. International Relations • Definition • Scope • Evolution of international Relations as a separate discipline 2. The nation state system • Introduction Meaning and Definition • Characteristics and challenges 3. National power • Definition • Elements Readings for First four Weeks : See Downloads for first 3 Chapters from "Essential of International Relations" by Karen Mingst See International Politics at World Stage by John T. Rourke, Mark A. Boyer Also See Downloads : Chapter 2 World Politics : Trends & Transformations by Shannon L. Blanton/Charles W. Kegley 4. Diplomacy • Definition • Type (old (traditional) and new diplomacy) 5. Foreign policy • Definition • Determinants 6. Approaches • Realism • Idealism • Decision making • System theory • Globalization  Foreign policy objectives of USSR/ China  Foreign policy process and decision making  Role of leadership and institutions  WWI  WWII  Cold war  Post- cold war

Course Synopsis

Course Description: course is to help the students forge their own analytical framework to understand as well as explain International Relations. This course will thematically examine various topics that scholars addressed over time. Two major sub-fields in international relations, international security and international political economy, will be covered throughout the academic year. International Relations course aims to equip Student with: Effective exertion of the IR conceptions; Professionalism in the field of diplomacy; Better knowledge in international affairs.

Course Learning Outcomes

By studying this course students would learn the analytical skills which would help them to observe certain phenomenon in the society and to generalize their observations and experiments and create awareness regarding the comparative study of foreign policies of major powers. The students will be able to Demonstrate substantial knowledge and understanding of historical development of international relations Recount in detail various international relations theories Describe dynamic nature of International relations and importance of having a systematic framework in order to evaluate issues in world politics Demonstrate adequate knowledge to proceed with the studies at the graduate level.

Is IR a Discipline? by Morton Kaplan

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The Concept of The State in IR

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The Nation State & Global Order

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The World Polity and Nation State system, World System theory , Immauel Walerstien World System theory

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Book Title : International Relations Theory
Edition : 11th Edition
Publisher : Pearson

Title : International Relations Theory
Type : Reference Book

View International Relations Theory

Title : International Relations
Type : Reference Book

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Title : World Politics: Trends & Transformations
Type : Reference Book

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Title : Essentials of International Relations karen Mingst
Type : Reference Book

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