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Orientalism Marxism Theories of Imperialism and the Economic Causes of International Conflict Evolution of Development Theory Old and New Monetary Systems and Implications for Third World Bretton-Woods Institutions and Third World.

Course Synopsis

This course comprises the historical evolution of economic theories and factors responsible for North South divide. It delineates the implications of global financial institutions for third world.

Course Learning Outcomes

This course aims to impart knowledge to the Ph.D students with respect to Economic Dynamics of Third World from decolonization to globalization. It is to enable them to develop an analytical skill for making a historical investigation and exploration of facts related to their subject.

Economic Dynamics of Third World

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Book Title : Battle for Asia From Decolonization to Globalization
Author : Mark T. Berger
Edition : 2004
Publisher : Routledge

Title : Global Economic Order
Type : Other

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