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Course Contents

PN Junction Diode: Diode Application: Circuit Theory and Analysis: Junction Transistor: DC Bias for the Transistor: Field Effect Transistor:

Course Synopsis

PN Junction Diode: Classification of Solids, Types of semi conductors PN Junction, Formation of depletion layer, Junction or barrier voltage, Forward PN Junction, Forward I/V characteristics, Reverse biased PN Junction, Reverse Saturation current, Reverse I/V characteristics, Diode voltage current equation, Junction Breakdown. Zener breakdown, Avalanch breakdown, Junction capacitance (Transition Capacitance, Diffusion capacitance), Light Emitting diode, Diode Fabrication, Zener Diode. Diode Application: Rectifiers (Half Wave rectifier, Full Wave Rectifier, Full wave bridge Rectifier, filter Capacitor filter) II filter, II-R Filter, Diode as wave Clipper, Diode as wave clamper, diode logic gates. Circuit Theory and Analysis: Superposition theorem, Thevenin’s Theorem, Norston’s Theorem, Model for circuit, one port and two-port network, Hybrid parameter equivalent circuit, Power in decibels. Junction Transistor: The Bipolar Junction Transistor, Transistor biasing, Imported biasing rule, Transistor current, Transistor circuit configuration, Leakage current, (Reverse Saturation Current), Transistor static characteristics, Basic Transistor amplifier, Transistor Equivalent circuit, common emitter amplifier, Performance of common emitter amplifier, Common Base transistor amplifier, Common collector amplifier, performance of common collector amplifier, Comparison of amplifier performance. DC Bias for the Transistor: Dc Load Line and Q-point, choice of the quiescent point, Fixed Transistor bias, Design of a fixed bias circuit, The four resistor bias circuit, Design of a four resistor bias circuit. Feedback bias, design of a feed back-bias circuit. Field Effect Transistor: What is /field effect transistor, JFET: Static characteristics of JFET, Metal oxide semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (MOSFET of IGFET): enhancement and depletion mode, Fet application.

Course Learning Outcomes

The students can understand the fabrication, function and uses of different types of diode They can completely understand the conversion of AC into DC They easily understand the different circuit analysis They can understand the working, characteristics and applications of bipolar junction transistor and field effect transistor

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Diode Applications

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Circuit Theory and Analysis

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Junction Transistor

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Book Title : 1. Electronics Circuit and system J.D. Ryder/ Charles M Thomson
Author : J.D. Ryder
Edition : 5th Edition
Publisher : McGraw-Hill 1995

Title : pdf
Type : Reference Book

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