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 Foreign Trade: • Meaning • Role of foreign trade in economic development • Problems of economic development in foreign Trade  Balance of Payment: • Concept and Meaning • Definition • Causes of imbalance of payment  WTO: World Trade Organization • Introduction • Structure • Cost and benefits of WTO in Pakistan  Foreign Aid • Introduction • Role of foreign aid in economic development • Problem of foreign aid  Fiscal Policy • Introduction • Role in economic development of Pakistan  Federal Budget: • Meaning • Salient features of current budget in Pakistan  Economic Planning in Pakistan: • Meaning • Definitions • Objectives • 7th five year plan • 8th five year plan  Man power Planning: • Meaning • Role in economic development of Pakistan • Need

Course Synopsis

The course discuses all the policies related to the government as well as the institutions within a state to boost the economic growth and economic development.international economic institutions role is also discussed in the matters of trade and aid globally.

Course Learning Outcomes

This course will enable the students to fully analysis the concept of trade, Aid ,other economic conditions that run the states. It broadens the vision why states trade with each other and the international institutions role in promoting the trade among states. Similarly it allows to have a better understanding Why states do economic planning. How import and export transition put effects on the economic growth. Students come to know why states need aid and how the state's economy depend on the aid.Along with these Why budget is passed and what its effect on economic and social condition of the state. lastly, relationship between government expenditure and taxes imposed on local people and how they accelerate the employment opportunities along with the movement of circle of economic development.

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Book Title : elements of international political economy
Author : Mansoor Akbar Kundi
Edition : 2004
Publisher : National book Foundation

Book Title : Economic development of Pakistan
Author : Abdul Haleem Khawaja
Edition : 2002
Publisher : Khawaja & Khawaja house

Book Title : economy of Pakistan
Author : Khawaja amjad saeed
Edition : 2010
Publisher : Oxford university press

Title : Budget
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Title : WTO
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