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Course Contents

• . Concept of economic development. • . Economic growth and economic development. • . Common characteristic of development countries. • . Obstacles to economic development in Pakistan. AGRICULTURE: • . Importance and role to agriculture in economic development of Pakistan. • . Problems of agriculture and its solution. • . Land reforms. INDUSTRIAL SECTORS: • Role of industry in economic development of Pakistan. • Cause of industrial backwardness. • Small scale industries: its importance and problems.

Course Synopsis

The course has been designed to enable the students understand various dimensions of Pakistan economy and asses the economic growth over the last 67 years. It also encompasses the importance of meaningful economic development - which is sustainable, participatory, environmentally responsible and distributive.

Course Learning Outcomes

This course will enable the student to understand the key terms and concept of Economics, economic development and economic growth. To identify the various economic sector, their role in development in economy of Pakistan and will provide suggestions to the present economic issue of Pakistan.

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Book Title : Growth and development
Author : A.P.Thirwall
Edition : 2003
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Book Title : Economic Development
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Book Title : Hand book of Economic Development
Author : Jean Watson
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Book Title : Economic development of Pakistan
Author : Abdul Haleem Khawaja
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Title : Agriculture
Type : Other

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