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Course Contents

• Geo- strategic and Geo -political importance of location of Pakistan • Physical features: importance and division of physical features • Land forms. Importance • Climate, Climatic regions, Distribution of Rainfall, Winds. • Soils • Vegetation • Rivers and watershed • Mineral Resources • Energy Resources of Pakistan • Environmental problems and natural hazards

Course Synopsis

This course focuses on Pakistan's physical and human environment, the interaction between Pakistan and the impact of this interaction on both the land and the people. And a significant part of the course reflects on people's efforts to protect and maintain the environment Aims and Objectives: Students will be able to: • Identify the physical features, climate and environment of Pakistan. • Explain the demographic structure of Pakistan’s population. • Analyze the implications of the growth of population on the resources of Pakistan. • Explain the relationship between the physical and human environment. • Identify environment problems and suggest creative solutions of them.

Course Learning Outcomes

The students will learn about the physical land features of Pakistan. The course will enable students to understand the climate of Pakistan

Geo-Strategic Position in Pakistan

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Geo-Strategic Position in Pakistan

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Physical Features of Pakistan

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Climate in pakistan

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Book Title : A Geography of Pakistan
Author : • K.U, Qureshi
Edition : 1991
Publisher : (Lahore: National Book Service)

Title : Agriculture in Pakistan
Type : Reference Book

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Title : Energy sector in Pakistan
Type : Reference Book

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