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Course Contents RESOURCES AND ECONOMY 1. Agriculture 2. Irrigation 3. Minerals 4. Industry 5. Transportation 6. Foreign Trade DEMOGRAPHY 1. Population growth 2. Distribution characteristics 3. Major towns and cities 4. Population problems and plans.

Course Synopsis

This course focuses on the Human Geography of Pakistan, in which we emphasize on the population growth, agricultural sector and foreign trade of Pakistan.

Course Learning Outcomes

The students will learn about the human Geography and their resources in Pakistan. They will get knowledge about the development of agriculture industries and Minerals resources.

Population in Pakistan

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Means of transportation in Pakistan

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Trade in Pakistan

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Agricultural in Pakistan

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Urbanization in Pakistan

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Book Title : Documentary
Author : National Geographic Channel
Edition : -
Publisher : -
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Book Title : Pakistan Geography, Economy & People
Author : Fazle Karim Khan
Edition : 2006
Publisher : Oxford University Press

Book Title : The Environment of Pakistan Pakistan Studies
Author : Huma Naz Sethi
Edition : 2005
Publisher : Peak Publishing

Title : Agriculture in Pakistan
Type : Other

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Title : Wheat production in pakistan
Type : Other

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Title : Rice Production in Pakistan
Type : Other

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Title : Industrial Development in Pakistan
Type : Other

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Title : Trade policies in Pakistan
Type : Other

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Title : Exports Crux
Type : Other

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Title : Population Growth Analysis
Type : Other

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