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Course Contents Pakistani Society: Back ground and Characteristics, Social Institution in Pakistan: family, education, religion. Forms of social stratification: class, caste, baradari, tribe. 1. PAKISTANI CULTURE: main culture, sub culture, unity in diversity 2. CIVILIZATION AND ARCHEOLOGICAL HERITAGE: Harapa, Mohenjodaro, Taxila 1. URS, PIRS AND MAZARS: Data GanjBaksh, Baba FareedGanjShakr, LalShehbazQalandar 2. NATIONAL FESTIVALS: 3. LANGUAGES IN PAKISTAN: Major Regional Languages, Urdu a Lingua franca 4. SOCIAL ISSUES: Poverty, Unemployment, Crime, Status of women, Ethnicity and Urbanization

Course Synopsis

This course is designed to introduce all sorts of cultural manifestation and patterns in Pakistan. To make students aware of the social problems of Pakistani society. To enable students to analyze the unity and diversity of Pakistani culture specially emphasizing on cultural and archeological heritage of Pakistan.

Course Learning Outcomes

After studying this course, the students will be able to comprehend the basis of Pakistani society and culture and appreciates the cultural diversity of Pakistan.

Baba Fareed Uddin Ganj Shakar history

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Indus Valley Civilzation

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Study of Mohenjodaro Civilization

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Importance of Class in Pakistani Society

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Sufism in Islam

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Book Title : Pakistani Society & Culture
Author : M. Iqbal Chaudhry
Edition : 2002
Publisher : Aziz Publishers

Title : Status of Women
Type : Other

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Title : Urbanization in Pakistan
Type : Other

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Title : Poverty
Type : Other

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Title : Sufism in Islam
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