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The concept of society: Objectives, Characteristics, Evolution Social Institution: Family, education, religion, economic and political institutions. Social Stratification: Determinants, forms Social Mobility: Forms and Factors The Concept of Culture: Meaning, element, characteristics, System of Norms (Folkways, Mores, Laws, Technicways), Social and Cultural mobility: forms and factors, Ethnocentrism and cultural relativism

Course Synopsis

This course is designed acquit the students with the elementary concepts related to society and culture. It discusses the evolution and growth of societal norms and cultural patterns. It also familiarizes the students with social structure and social stratification of society.

Course Learning Outcomes

After studying this course, the students will be able to comprehend the basis of society and culture.

Characteristics of a Society

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Book Title : General Sociology
Author : M. Iqbal Chaudhry
Edition : 2008
Publisher : Aziz Publishers

Book Title : An introduction to Sociology
Author : Abdul Hameed Taga
Edition : 2012
Publisher : Abdul Hameed Taga & Sons

Title : Social Institutions
Type : Other

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