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Course Contents

This course analyses and describes the contact components. It will also have awareness of the various means of communication and the role of the Muslim press in the Subcontinent with regard to the work of prominent Muslim journalists and their role in the freedom of movement and struggle for Pakistan.

Course Synopsis

After completing this course, students would be able to understand the fundamentals of the mass media in Pakistan.

Course Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, students can learn about the common concepts of communication. Understand the different phases and the role of audience and intent in overcoming the obstacles that influence the communication process. • Evaluate the quality of both print and social media. • Students must have a clear knowledge of mass media philosophy and experience. • The students would be aware of the historical context of the mass media in Pakistan.

Freedom of Speech in Pakistan

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Introduction of Mass Media

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Development of Mass Media in Pakistan

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Evolution of Mass Media in Pakistan

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Book Title : The Dynamics Of Mass Communication Media In The Digital Age
Author : Joseph R Dominick
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Book Title : Introduction To Mass Communication Media Literacy And Culture
Author : Stanley J Baran
Edition : 2010
Publisher : McGraw-Hill Books Singapore

Book Title : Journalism in Pakistan
Author : Abdus Salam Khurshid
Edition : 1964
Publisher : Publishers United

Title : Introduction of Mass Media
Type : Other

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