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Theoretical perspective of regionalism, theory of integration, different school of thoughts of regionalism;(federalism, functionalism, Neofunctionalism, communication Approach, Domino Theory), Detail of various Regional Organizations; (European Union EU, South Asian Association for Regional cooperation SAARC, Association of south East Asian Nations ASEAN, Organization of Islamic Conference OIC, Regional Free Trade Agreements and Economic cooperation: North American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA + Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation APEC, Organization of American States OAS, Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries OPEC, Shanghai Cooperation Organization SCO.

Course Synopsis

This course includes the detailed study of the Regional organizations for the maintenance of peaceful relations between States. Further this course deals with the study of all the basic regional organization, their structure, function and role in social and economic spheres.

Course Learning Outcomes

The course provides the basic understanding of the major important regional organizations, so on completion of the course students would be able to apply various theoretical perspective for the analysis of Regional Organizations. And they will further be able to comprehend the role of these organization in world politics.

This link give us an overview about economic integration which leads toward regionalism.

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Structure of ASEAN.

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Introduction about ASEAN.

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History of ASEAN.

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Role, purpose, functions of ASEAN.

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Organization of American States (OAS).

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Role of SCO.

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Book Title : Politics Among Nations
Author : Hans.J.Morganthau
Edition : 6th Edition 1984
Publisher : NA

Book Title : International Relations
Author : Joshua Goldstein
Edition : NA
Publisher : Library of Congress 1999

Title : Domino Theory of Regionalism
Type : Other

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Title : Theories of Regionalism
Type : Other

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Title : Federalism Perspective on Regionalism
Type : Other

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Title : Theories of Integration
Type : Other

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Title : International Integration Theories
Type : Other

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Title : Regional Organizations
Type : Other

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Title : Regionalism vs Universaliam
Type : Other

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Title : theoratical perspective on regionalism
Type : Other

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