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Pakistan’s Foreign policy  Objectives  Determinants of Pakistan Foreign Policy Phases of Pakistan’s Foreign policy: Trends& Relations with Big powers  Phase (1947-1953)  Phase (1954-62)  Bilateralism and independent foreign policy (1962-1971)  Non-Aligned relations in the post 1971 era  Soviet Military intervention in Afghanistan  End of Cold war, The New World Order and Pakistan  Foreign policy during 1991-1999  9/11 Scenario till Present Relation with Muslim World  Pakistan’s Relation with Muslim Countries (Iran, Saudi Arabia, Middle East)

Course Synopsis

This course provide deep insight into the various phases of Pakistan Foreign policy during different regimes because no country can think of living independently so it has to develop economic,political,industrial and technological relations with other states similarly Pakistan which is a important 3rd world country also develop its sound Foreign policy so this course will explain all its phases.

Course Learning Outcomes

Have a broad understanding of different policy options that Pakistan adopt while preserving its National interest.

Different Phases of Foreign Policy

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Pakistan Foreign Policy Phase of 1962_1971

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1962_1979 era of Bilateralism

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Non Alignment era of Pakistan Foreign Policy

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Non Aligned era

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Soviet Invasion in Afghanistan

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Soviet War in Afghanistan

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Post 9/11 scenario of Pakistan Foreign Policy

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Book Title : Pakistan's Foreign policy 1947_2012
Author : Agha Shahi
Edition : 3rd
Publisher :

Book Title : Pakistan's Foreign Policy
Author : Amin Shahid
Edition :
Publisher : Oxford University Press 1999 Karachi

Title : Post cold war era _ new world order
Type : Other

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