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Course Contents

1. Realism definition, concept & principles 2. Idealism definition, concept, principles & comparison between realism and idealism 3. Globalization definition, features & dimensions 4. System theory definition and its models 5. Decision –Making theory definition, process, types & models 6. Communication theory definition, modes, kinds & models 7. Dependency theory concept, foreign aid, North South Gap, role of IMF and World Bank 8. Integration theory meaning and sectors

Course Synopsis

This course offers deep understanding of the theoretical perspective of International relations because it allows the study of international events from using different theories. It focuses on the comparative analysis of all the traditional (realism, idealism, liberalism) and new emerging theories (system theory, communication theory, dependency theory).

Course Learning Outcomes

After studying this course student will be able to critically understand and evaluate the theories of International relation and further they will be able to analysis and relate the current issues with respect to theories.

Difference between Realism & Idealism.

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Video lecture on difference between Realism & Idealism.

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Globalization Theory

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System theory.

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Study of international politics by using system theory.

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Decision Making Theory.

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Book Title : International Relations
Author : Peu Gosh
Edition : 2nd
Publisher : New Delhi, PHL Learning Private Limited

Book Title : International Relations
Author : Peu Ghosh
Edition : Fourth(Revised)
Publisher : PHI Learning Private Limited

Title : Communication Theory
Type : Other

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Title : Dependency Theory
Type : Other

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