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Course Contents

1. Realism Definition & concepts, Principles 2. Idealism Definition & concepts, Principles and Comparison between Realism and Idealism 3. Globalization Definition, Features and Dimensions 4. System Theory Definition, Models 5. Decision-making Definition, Process of Decision, Types, Models 6. Communication theory Definition, Modes of Communications, Kinds, Models 7. Dependency Theory Concept, Foreign Aid, North South Gap, Role of IMF and World Bank 8. Integration Meaning, Sector of Integration

Course Synopsis

This course offers a critical analysis of contending theories of international relations. International relations theory is the study of international relations from a theoretical perspective. It attempts to provide a conceptual framework upon which international relations can be analyzed .It also focuses on a comparative analysis of realism(s), liberalism(s), institutionalism(s), and new emerging theories(System Theory, Communication theory, Dependency Theory).

Course Learning Outcomes

To Understand and critically evaluate the theories of international relations. Unable the students to analysis and relate the current issues with respect to theories

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Book Title : Contending, Theories of International Relations
Author : Doughtry James E. and Pfalzgraff, Jr.RobertL
Edition : 2001
Publisher : New York, Wesely-Longman

Book Title : Theories of International Relations
Author : Hursch. James A
Edition : 1990
Publisher : Washington D.C: defence University

Book Title : Globalization and International Theory
Author : Ian Clark
Edition : 1990
Publisher : London, Oxford University Pressa`

Book Title : International Relations
Author : Norman D. Palmer and Howard C. Perkins
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Book Title : International Relations
Author : Peu Gosh
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Title : Idealism
Type : Presentation

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Title : Realism
Type : Other

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Title : Globalization
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Title : Globalization Theory
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Title : Decision making in IR
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Title : Theories of International Relations
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