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COURSE CONTENTS i. SPORTS PSYCHOLOGY a. Defining Sports and exercise Psychology b. Branches of Psychology with Special reference to Exercise and Sports c. Difference between Clinical and Educational Sports Psychology d. Applications of Psychology in Sports e. Role of Sports Psychology ii. AGGRESSION IN SPORTS a. Defining Aggression b. Types and Theories of Aggression c. Understanding the causes of Aggression d. Examining Aggression in Sports:  Spectators and aggression  Games Reasoning and aggression  Athletic injuries and aggression  Performance and aggression  Team moral atmosphere and aggression iii.Self Efficacy Self Confidence v. GOAL SETTING IN SPORTS a. Defining Goal Setting b. Reasons for Goal Setting c. Types of Goals  Outcome Goals  Performance Goals  Process Goals  Team Goals d. Effectiveness of Goal Setting e. Principles of Goal Setting f. Smart Goals g. Common Problems in Setting Goals vi. ANXIETY, AROUSAL AND STRESS RELATIONSHIP a. Differentiating among Stress, Anxiety and Arousal b. Types of Anxiety c. Theories of Anxiety d. Relationship between anxiety and performance Anxiety reduction Techniques e. Defining Stress f. Understanding the stress process g. Concept of Arousal  High, Low and Optimal Arousal h. Relationship between Arousal and Performance vii. IMAGERY AND PERFORMANCE a. What is Imagery b. Difference between Visualization and Imagery c. Benefits of Imagery d. Factors affecting the Effectiveness of Imagery 55 e. How Imagery works f. Uses of Imagery in Sports g. How to develop an Imagery Training h. When to use Imagery

Course Synopsis

Psychology involvement in sport, which is resulting in the deserting of the ground and sport. This in turn is making the people idle and unhealthy. There is a dire need to clinch the people back to the play fields in order to achieve the goal of strong individuals who may contribute to the success of the nation. Psychology need to be infused at gross root level as it will act as motivator for the young generation, so if the Physical Education Teacher is equipped with the knowledge, he’ll be better able to inculcate the theme in the off-springs.

Course Learning Outcomes

The knowledge of Sport Psychology will enable the students to learn more about the organized play and goal setting procedures, which will contribute to the services provided by them in the educational as well as professional institutions.

Sports Psychology Discoveries

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Sports Psychology Discoveries

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Book Title : sports psychology
Author : Aidan P.Moran
Edition : II
Publisher : Taylor & Francis group
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