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i INTRODUCTION a. Definitions of test, measurement and evaluation b. Importance of measurement and evaluation in Physical Education c. Basic principles of evaluation ii EVALUATION AND ADMINISTRATION OF TESTS a. Criteria for selecting appropriate test b. Pre test responsibilities c. Duties and responsibilities during testing d. Post test responsibilities iii BASIC STATISTICS a. Standard Deviation b. Normal probability curve c. Standard scores (Z. Scores T. Scores) d. Correlation e. Anova Test iv MEASUREMENT OF PHYSICAL FITNESS a. Definition of Physical Fitness b. Components of Physical Fitness c. Physical Fitness index d. Measurement of Motor Fitness v GENERAL MOTOR ABILITY a. Definition of Motor Ability b. Measurement of Motor Ability c. Components of Motor Ability vi CARDIOVASCULAR FITNESS a. Definition b. Measurement of Cardiovascular Fitness vii RATING SCALES IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION a. Construction of Rating Scales b. Rules for the use of Rating scales c. Types of Rating devices viii MEASUREMENT OF SPECIFIC SPORT SKILLS a. Hockey b. Football c. Basketball d. Badminton e. Volleyball f. Tennis g. Track & Field (one event from each group)

Course Synopsis

The course has been developed to provide knowledge about test , measurement and evaluation in sports with different tasks or latest tests

Course Learning Outcomes

The course is designed to make the students understand and use the statistical means for the research purposes. They will learn about inferential statistics using it in every day life for the uplift of the discipline and bringing positive reforms in order to achieve the objective

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Book Title : The sage handbook of measurement
Author : Geoffrey walford / Eric tucker
Edition :
Publisher : 2010

Title : Evaluation and administration on tests
Type : Presentation

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