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i PLANNING PROCESS a. Basic Consideration b. Need for Area and Facilities i) Need for Planning ii) Planning Factors iii) Planning Units – Types and Function ii PLANNING FOR SPORTS & PHYSICAL EDUCATION FACILITIES a. Major Concepts b. Steps in Planning Process c. Responsibilities of Physical Educator iii FACILITIES FOR RESEARCH a. General Consideration b. Teaching and Research Laboratories c. Specific Laboratories Facilities i) Measurement and Evaluation ii) Biomechanics iii) Exercise Physiology iv) Motor Learning and Psychology Learning iv PLANNING, LOCATION AND SIZE OF THE FOLLOWING FACILITIES a. Field House b. Stadium c. Gymnasium d. Swimming Pool e. Artificial Surfaces (Indoor and outdoor) v FACILITIES FOR FACULTY AND STAFF a. Administrative Units b. Essential administrative facilities i) Administrative Office ii) Faculty Offices iii) Audiovisual Room iv) Conference Rooms v) Locker Shower Room vi) Toilet and Lavatory Facilities vi CONSERVATION AND MAINTENANCE OF SPORTS INFRASTRUCTURE a. Understanding of PC-I b. Compilation of PC-I

Course Synopsis

This course is designed to built planning skills in the students regarding sports facilities in any organization or institute. This course also enhance the management qualities of the students specially to organize sports events.

Course Learning Outcomes

The students will learn about planning process, management of sports and research facilities in any institutes. They will learn about the steps involved in planning. The students will be aware about the planning location and size of the sports facilities. They will get knowledge about PC-I and PC-II. This course is helpful about planning the sports facilities. This subject also create awareness among the students to plan, locate and know the size of field house, gymnasium , and stadium, swimming pool facilities and other laboratories.


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Title : SPORTS PLANNING-1-Planning Process
Type : Presentation

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Title : SPORTS PLANNING-3-Planning Process
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