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i INTRODUCTION TO RESEARCH a. Definition and meaning of research b. Characteristics of research c. Type of research d. Need and importance of research in METHODS OF RESEARCH a. Historical research b. Descriptive research c. Experimental research vi SAMPLING a. Sampling b. Types of sampling c. Sampling procedure vii TOOLS FOR DATA COLLECTIONS a. Questionnaire b. Interviews/Survey c. Tests d. Observation e. Use of relevant and reference materials, Note taking

Course Synopsis

Without any doubt research is the basic requirement for the academic promotion and development of a discipline. This basic informative course of research methods will help the students of Health, Physical Education and Sports to understand the definitions and meanings of research, use of the tools for data collection, procedures of sampling and various terminologies used in the research process. After going through the course, the students will be in a better position to pursue research projects in their respective fie

Course Learning Outcomes

To interrelate the discipline in the global perspective creating an environment of healthy competition and equal opportunities for all at national and international level. To develop the ability that student will be able to do research with deep knowledge and effort through the study this subject

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Book Title : The Art of Academic Writing in sports sciences
Author : Prof.Dr Salahuddin Khan
Edition : 1
Publisher : Deutsche
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Title : Data Collection Tools
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Title : statement of problem
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Title : sampling techniques
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