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COURSE CONTENTS: 1. EXERCISE ON PARALLEL BAR (Skills, Coaching and Officiating) a. Simple Turn b. Forward roll to straddle Seat c. Forward Roll d. Backward Uprise e. Cartwheel f. Twisting g. Turning h. Backward Roll i. Rhythmic Exercise J. Front Somersault k. Mat Drills l. Trampoline Drills 2. SWIMMING (Skills, Coaching and Officiating) a. Warm-up b. Dress c. Styles d. Strokes e. start f. Finishing

Course Learning Outcomes

Intended Outcomes for the course Upon completion of the course students should be able to: Improve general and swimming fitness levels for maintaining lifelong health and fitness. Develop, apply, and improve swimming skills and techniques for lifelong enjoyment of swimming. Apply knowledge and respect for universal water safety and rules around the pool environment. define the concept of General Gymnastics Explains the historic evolution of Gymnastics Defines Gymnastics Classifies Gymnastics Constructs productive sport skills with the knowledge gained from Gymnasticspractice regularity exercise practices foundation positions practices line exercise practices walking exercises combine warm-up exercises with General Gymnastics Practises warm-up in stretching forms how technical movements of flexibility and balance improves flexibility and balanceDevelops usage skills of tools Develops coupled and single stand-up, sit down movements Exemplifies giving and taking orders

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