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Course Contents

S i. INTRODUCTION a. Meaning and Definition of Administration b. Need and importance of Administration in Physical Education c. Types of Administration d. Qualifications and traits of the Administrator e. Duties of Administrator ii. ADMINISTRATIVE SETUP IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION a. Administrative organization and structure b. Private and Public organizations c. Objectives of the organization d. Physical Education at various levels of education in Pakistan e. Administrative setup of Sports and Physical Education in Pakistan iii. PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATION IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION a. Principles of personnel Administration b. Facilities for staff and staff moral c. Teaching load, In-service training d. Qualification of staff e. Evaluation and Supervision f. Conduct of Sports Meeting iv. CLASS MANAGEMENT a. Getting acquainted with the class b. Establishing rules for maintaining discipline c. Management of time and establishing the class routines d. Assignments and learning pace for students e. Stimulating students’ interest in Sports f. Class environment g. Parents involvement and communication v. PUBLIC RELATION a. Definition of Public Relation b. Objectives c. Need and importance of Public Relation in Physical Education d. Principles of Public Relation vi. PUBLIC RELATION IN PRACTICE a. Teacher Student Relation b. Public Relation in various competitions c. Community relations d. Relations with parents and with general public e. Relation with Administration and Inter Departmental Relations

Course Synopsis

Good administration and better management can produce best results. Physical Education and Sports are the fields that require most excellent administration for converting the efforts into real success. This particular course will help the physical educators and sports managers to understand the soul of administrative routines and become aware of the qualities and the qualifications of good administration, in addition to understanding the need of public relations and use of these relations for the promotion of physical education and sports.

Course Learning Outcomes

Sports Management principals ,leadership , operations, and Government .Students will become familiar with various functions of management.

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