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i. INTRODUCTION a. Definition of Sports Medicine b. History of Sports Medicine ii. INJURIES IN SPORTS a. Classification of Injuries b. General Effects of Injuries iii. PREVENTION OF INJURIES a. Fitness b. Obeying the Rules c. Skills d. Equipment e. Proper Clothing f. Self Control i. Warm up and Cooling Down iv. EXERCISE AND FATIGUE a. Definitions b. Effects of exercise on sports performance c. Effects of fatigue on sports performance v. FITNESS TESTING AFTER INJURIES a. General Consideration in Testing b. Fitness Testing (First Level, Second Level) vi. REHABILITATION IN SPORTS a. Principles of Rehabilitation b. Local Problems (Pain, Swelling, Restricted Movement) c. Non Acute Cases vii. DOPING IN SPORTS a. Definition b. Use of Doping in Sports c. Effect of Doping on Athletes d. Doping Control e. Types of Doping

Course Synopsis

The course has been developed to provide knowledge about sports medicine,define defination of sports medicine clasification or injuries ,more over fitnes , skills , equipments , self control and bnifits of warm up and cool down

Course Learning Outcomes

This course has been designed to make the students aware regarding the sports medicine subject and to give the knowledge of training and conditioning in sports. The course of sports medicine will also help in the development of the skills/knowledge regarding the sports injuries, their prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. One of the main and very important objective of this course is designed to aware the students regarding the use of doping in sports, their effects and legal position of the doping in sports.


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Book Title : Sports fitness and sports injuries
Author : Thomas Reilly
Edition :
Publisher : 1981
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Title : Clasification of sports Injuries
Type : Presentation

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