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i. INTRODUCTION TO SPORTS INJURIES a. Classification: i) Cramps ii) Ruptures iii) Fractures iv) Pulled Muscles/Muscle Stiffness v) Strains vi) Soreness b. Identification: i) Upper Limb ii) Lower Limb ii. PREVENTION OF INJURIES DURING a. Warm up b. Skill performance c. Play d. Use of equipment e. Proper cool down iii. TREATMENT OF INJURIES a. Through Exercise b. Through Medication c. Hydro Therapy/Steam Therapy/Ice Therapy d. Pressure Therapy ix. FRACTURES AND DISLOCATION OF JOINTS a. Definitions b. Types c. Treatment / Rehabilitation iv. MASSAGE a. Definition of Massage b. Importance of Massage c. Methods of Massage

Course Synopsis

This course is designed to acquaint the students with the injuries its management and rehabilitation elaborating central nervous system, knee, Tennis Elbow ankle injuries and explaining safety rules and basic physiotherapist treatment to manage in case of emergency.

Course Learning Outcomes

The students will learn about methods of better recovery from sports injuries. They can understand that the specific therapies in an inpatient rehab facility for those suffering from brain injuries varies from patient to patient. The primary goal of inpatient rehabilitation after a moderate to severe traumatic brain injury is for the patient to improve function – both physically and cognitively. They will learn that the treatment for one patient may be completely different for another.

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Book Title : Injuries Diagnosis and Management for Physiotherapists
Author : Christopher M Norris
Edition : 1997
Publisher : Butter Worth Heinemann Publisher, UK.

Book Title : Sports Injuries: Prevention Diagnosis and Treatment
Author : Iqbal, Yasmeen, Akhtar and Naeem
Edition : 1997
Publisher : Jamshoro: Alumin, Centre for Health & Physical Education

Title : Common Sports Injuries
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